Understanding Investment

Fund Management

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The course is designed to give you a good grasp of the dynamics of the business you work in

It’s the only course that can give you  a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the investment fund business. Look at the course outline and we are sure you will agree.

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New to the business

The course will introduce you to key business terminology and what it means, then give you a comprehensive overview of the elements of the business, the activities involved and how they are affected by regulation.  It will help you to understand where your job fits in and how it contributes to the business.  The course will be especially helpful if you can’t work from an office surrounded by colleagues who you could otherwise listen to and learn from

Grounding for studying for qualifications

Understanding why something matters to a business enhances employees’ ability to do their jobs and study for required qualifications.  The course will add value to narrower compliance-oriented qualifications by showing the purpose of these in a wider context


People development

The course will meet the need for new staff to understand the business they are entering and the contribution their job makes to it, giving them a solid foundation for subsequent professional qualifications.  It will also help your existing staff who tend to be ‘siloed’ to understand what the other parts of the business do and why connectivity matters. The course will be especially helpful to new staff or those moving between ‘silos’ who can’t work from an office surrounded by colleagues they can listen to and learn from

Changing jobs or being promoted

If you’ve previously only worked in one area of fund management and are moving to another or you are being promoted, the course will give you a comprehensive overview of business as a whole and the interconnectivity of its component parts, so you will understand how your job contributes to the business.    The course will be especially helpful if you can’t work from an office surrounded by colleagues who you could otherwise listen to and learn from

Non-executive directors

The course provides a comprehensive overview of the fund management business and its drivers which will be useful for new NEDs of authorised fund managers who, though distinguished in their own fields, are new to the sector and – in particular – its terminology  

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of investment funds are covered?

Mainly open ended funds sold to the general public with some reference to simple closed ended funds traded on an exchange or trading venue. Not venture capital, property or private equity funds and not hedge funds

Who is it for?

Anyone working in the retail investment fund business, or in firms providing services to investment funds and fund management companies – such as depositaries, trustees, custodians; third party administrators and transfer agents; legal, accounting and consulting firms; systems solutions providers; data providers and managers. Or even perhaps regulators?

What will I learn?

An overall understanding of how investment funds are structured; key roles of firms that manage and administer them; laws and regulations that govern them; investment policy;  how funds are valued; types of charges and their impact; how fund units are priced; how funds are distributed and sold; how investors are informed; the importance of performance and achieving success for the business

What do I need to know?

No need for a great deal of prior knowledge but a basic understanding of financial markets and terms will be helpful

How will the course benefit me?

By enabling you to understand the business better and the significance of your particular role in the context of the whole business

How long will it take?

The course is structured so you can take it at your own pace

How do I check my knowledge?

Each section is followed by a question or two to help you test your knowledge and understanding as you go.  Module 13 is an assessment with thirty multiple choice questions on Modules 3 to 11

What our delegates say

Understanding Investment Fund Management Course was an extremely informative course, and I can honestly say my understanding of the industry and how funds are set up has been hugely elevated. 

Alicia McInnes

Marketing Trainee, GAM Investments

This was an excellent course with very relevant content. Probably the only course I have attended where I found everything so easy to understand. I will definitely be recommending the course to my colleagues.”

Training Course Delegate

The course was very insightful in a succinct way, enabling me to get a good overview of  fund management in a bite-size manner without being too complicated.

Jemima Jones

Client Services Trainee, J O Hambro Capital Management Limited

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